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About the priests

The priests were full priest robes, a full helm, gloves, a amulet or neclace of some sort, a weopen if not a two hander you should also have a shield and  you need a earth talisman.



The Rules-





we must all have at least 15 Tuna or better in inventroy. 

the person with highest hit points leads in front.

none shall straggle or wander off. 

all members must be silent unless emergency, no mindless chatting. 

If someone is fighitng and they run you must assist them. 

Everyone make sure you can stay on at least 30 minutes prior to wild so you dont log out in the middle of a harsh battle. 

If we see someone we all attack and do not cower and let other fight, we all fight we all get loot, if we kill somene and get items we give to clan money character to hold until someone needs it.

tenth,If you die in wild we will try to buy you new stuff but dont count on it for sure, it is a risk. If you have more suggestions put in guestbook that will be all