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If you would like to join the clan or allie your clan with us e-mail me at

we will get back to you on our descision

 To Join the priests you must have completed the Rune Mysteries quest. To Join you must have a skill that you are reasonably good at.Because we are the priests are main skill is our prayer so you need a reasonably high prayer. Say if you are a fisher then you are responsible to supply the people in the clan with food... if you are a miner you are responsible for supplying smithers with ore, and so on. To apply you must have an email account that you check weekly, a Status (Mage, Ranged, miner, smither, cook, fisher, fighter, Fletcher, herb-law person),  and you must be a pretty regular player of the game runescape.  If you wish to leave the clan then you must send an email to me and ill take you away from the list. Other than that its pretty much don't cause trouble.   But you must prove your self worthy of the position. I will appoint Sub Leaders and may be even another leader to this clan to get it going.  My Email is If you want to join The Priests, you must pass some tests. The first one is you must be above level 10. If you are not, you have to have a high skill level in a certain skill. Now, if you pass that test, then you are powerful enough to join. Next, if you are ready, go onto Runescape  and put Bamhute on your friends list, talk to me, and I will meet you in Varrok. If you are accepted into the clan, I will give you all of the information you need.

e-mail me with-


combat lvl:

prayer lvl:


and ill get back to.