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the priests main level is its prayer

Prayer Table

Level Name Description Drain Rate
1 Thick skin Increases your defense by 5% 15
4 Burst of strength Increases your strength by 5% 15
7 Clarity of though Increases your attack by 5% 15
10 Rock skin Increases your defense by 10% 30
13 Superhuman strength   Increases your strength by 10% 30
16 Improved reflexes Increases your attack by 10% 30
19 Rapid restore 2x restore rate for all stats exept hits 5
22 Rapid heal 2x restore rate for hitpoints stat 10
25 Protect items Keep 1 extra item if you die 10
28 Steel skin Increases your defense by 15% 60
31 Ultimate strength Increases your strength by 15% 60
34 Incredible reflexes Increases your attack by 15% 60
37 Paralyze monster Stops your opponent from fighting back   60
40 Protect from missiles 100% protection from ranged attack 60




Prayer is a secondary combat skill in which you can call on the gods of runescape to give yourself powers you normally would not have. As your prayer skill grows higher, you will be able to perform much stronger prayers. The higher prayer you have the longer your prayers will last. Prayer can be leveled by burying various types of bones or completing certain quests.

Prayer List
There are many different types of prayers. Below is a table of each prayer and the effect it has when you use it. When using prayers, your prayer points will diminish. When you run out of prayer points you will have to visit an alter to recharge them. If you have members, you can also drink prayer pots.

Prayer Name
Prayer Effect
Thick Skin
Increases your defense by 5%.
Burst of Strength
Increases your strength by 5%.
Clarity of Thought
Increases your attack by 5%.
Rock Skin
Increases your defense by 10%.
Superhuman Strength
Increases your strength by 10%.
Improved Reflexes
Increases your attack by 10%.
Rapid Restore
2x restore rate for stats except prayer/hp.
Rapid Heal
2x restore rate for Hitpoints.
Protect Item
Keep 1 extra item if you die.
Steel Skin
Increases your defense by 15%.
Ultimate Strength
Increases your strength by 15%.
Incredible Reflexes
Increases your attack by 15%.
Protection From Magic
Some protection from magic.
Protection From Ranged
Some protection from ranged.
Protection From Melee
Some protection from melee.

The Experience Table
There are many different types of bones you can bury in the runescape world. Below is table of every different bone that you can bury. Each bone gives a different amount of experience. Some bones are harder to get than others.

Bone Name
Wolf Bones
Burnt Bones
Bat Bones
Big Bones
Babydragon Bones
Dragon Bones

Prayer Raising Items
There are many different items that you can wield/wear that will make your prayers last longer. Although there are tons of +prayer items, the monk's robe combined with the strongest mace you can wield is the best combination for prayer.

Item Name
Prayer Bonus
Monk's Robe Top
Monk's Robe Bottom
Druid Robe Top
Druid Robe Bottom
Priest Robe Top
Priest Robe Bottom
Zamorak's Robe Top
Zamorak's Robe Bottom
Item Name
Prayer Bonus
Blessed Holy Symbol
Unholy Symbol of Zamorak
Amulet of Glory
Item Name
Prayer Bonus
Dragon Mace
Rune Mace
Adamantite Mace
Mithril Mace
Black Mace
Steel Mace
Iron Mace
Bronze Mace

What To Kill
Now that you know a little bit about the bones, here are some guidelines that may help you decide how to level your prayer.

Prayer Level
What To Kill
Recommended Combat Level
Any low level creature that drops bones.
Anything that drops Big Bones.
50+ for Giant's
75+ Ogre's
65+ for Baby Dragon's
80+ for Dragon's

Where to get Bones
Now you know the basics or prayer, but you may be asking yourself where can I get some of these bones to bury? Well, you could always buy the bones, but that could really put a hole in your bank. Dragon bones sell for about 3000gp each. Big bones go for about 500gp each. The cheapest way to raise prayer is to just kill monsters for the bones and bury them. If the text is red, it means the monster is in a members only area.


North from Varrock in level 26 and level 27 wilderness is a boneyard. If your combat level is high enough to survive between the agressive level 22 skeletons, and you don't fear the wilderness (there are rarely people over there), this is a great place to gain fast prayer experience. Bring 3, or if you have over 25 prayer 4, valuable armor items (helmet, platebody, plated legs and kite), some food (10-15 lobbies should be more then enough if you have over 40 defence) to be able to stay there almost forever. Just burry the big bones, which respawn real fast. src="images/maps/bone yard.jpg" />

Regular Bones
Most of the smaller monsters in the runescape world drop regular bones. A great spot for raising prayer with regular bones is the Khazard battlefield. There are only few monsters that do not drop any bones howerver. Some examples include: Spiders, Scorpians, Animated Axes, Earth Warriors, Demons, Ghosts, Otherworldy Beings, Ice Warriors and some quest monsters.


Wolf Bones
Wolf Bones are pretty much the same as normal bones. You can bury them for the same amount of experience as a normal bone, or you can use a chisel on them to make some arrow heads. Wolf bones are obtained from killing different types of wolves spread through the runescape world. Wolves can be found at the following places:
  • White Wolf (lv25) - Around White Mountain
  • Desert Wolf (lv27) - Al Kharid Desert Area
  • White Wolf Sentry (lv31) - Around White Mountain
  • Grey Wolf (lv64) - Wilderness level 50-54
  • Big Wolf (lv71) - Around White Wolf Mountain


Burnt Bones
Burnt bones can be found at the Greater Demon hut in the wilderness. They give the same experience as normal bones, but are "burnt". Be careful of Player Killers when gathering these bones.


Bat Bones
Bat bones are dropped by those pesky flying bats. They give a tiny bit more experience than normal bones. They are reccomended for people with members that have low level prayer. Bat's can be found at the following places:
  • Giant Bat (lv27) - Giant room in Taverly Dungoen
  • Giant Bat (lv27) - Outside Morgan Le Faye's Castle
  • Giant Bat (lv27) - Inside Legend's Guild Dungeon
  • Giant Bat (lv27) - Various other underground caverns

Big Bones
Big Bones are the third best bone in the game. They are highly reccomended for leveling prayer on f2p. They give 15xp each and are dropped by bigger creatures. There are many monsters that drop big bones. Monsters that drop big bones can be found at the following places:
  • Giant (lv20) - Edgeville dungeon
  • Giant (lv20) - Tree Gnome Village Maze
  • Moss Giant (lv40) - Varrock Sewers
  • Moss Giant (lv40) - Wilderness
  • Moss Giant (lv40) - Near Baxtorian Falls, Crandor and Brimhaven
  • Ogre(lv48) - Ardougne Sewers
  • Ogre (lv48) - Blood Rune Chest
  • Jogre (lv48) - Karamja Jungle
  • Ice Giant (lv54) - Bluerite Cave
  • Ice Giant (lv54) - Wilderness
  • Ice Giant (lv54) - White Wolf Mountain
  • Fire Giant (lv93) - Wilderness
  • Fire Giant (lv93) - Inside Waterfall


Babydragon Bones
Babydragon Bones are dropped by Baby Blue Dragons inside the taverly dungeon. They are one of the most popular and fastest methods for raising prayer. Baby Blue Dragons do not have dragons breath so you do not need an Anti-Fire shield to train on them. Babydragon bones can be obtained at the following places:
  • Baby Blue Dragon (lv43) - Taverly Dungeon next to Blue Dragons.


Dragon Bones

Dragon Bones are the highest bone in runescape. They give a whopping 72xp each and are highly expensive if bought from other people. They are hard to obtain if you are a low level due to Dragons being quite strong. When fighting Dragons anti-fire potions or an anit-fire shield are pretty much required. Dragons can be found at the following places:

  • Green Dragons (lv88) - Level 37 wilderness
  • Blue Dragons (lv99) - Tavelry dungeon
  • Red Dragons (lv140) - Level 39 Wilderness
  • Black Dragons (lv199) - Tavelry Dungeon
  • King Black Dragons (lv239) - Level 41 wilderness


Prayer Equipment

If you look under your stats in the Statistics menu, right of your weapon aim and power you will see "Prayer:" followed by a number. This represents your prayer equipment. The more Prayer Equipment you're using, the higher this number will be.

Item Prayer
Monk's Robe Top +6
Monk's Robe Bottom +5
Blessed Holy Symbol +8
Druid's Robe Top +4
Druid Robe Bottom +4
Robe of Zamorak Top +3
Robe of Zamorak Bottom +3
Unholy Symbol +6
Priest Robe +3
Priest Gown +3
Amulet of Glory +4
Wolfsbane* +5
Silver Sickle (b) +5
Dragon Mace +5
Runite Mace +4
Mithril/Adamantine Mace +3
Steel/Black Mace +2
Bronze/Iron Mace +1